HireHop has just released another new feature in their rental management software, being virtual stock items. A virtual item is something that is not a tangible item, for example a «drill kit» that comprises of a drill, two chucks and a transformer.

The advantage of virtual items is that you can see the availability dependent on what it comprises of. For example, the «drill kit» requires 2 x chucks, 1 x drill and 1 x transformer. If you have 3 x drills, 9 x chucks and 20 x transformers available, the availability of the «drill kit» would be 3, being limited by the  3 available drills.  However, if you had 10 x drills available, the availability of the «drill kit» would now be 4, limited by the 9 available chucks, as 2 x chucks are needed for a complete kit, and you can only make up 4 complete «drill kits» from what is available.

Virtual items are identical to stock items, except they can’t have assets.  To create a virtual stock item, go to the Rental Stock Management page, click the new button, and select «New virtual item».

New virtual stock item

To set what a virtual item consist of, you just add «Autopulls», just as you would to a normal stock item. We have just added an additional type to Autopulls, being a «Conditional prompt», meaning the available types of Autopull are now:-

  • Prompt (unselected) – The item will appear in the list when new, but not be automatically ticked.
  • Prompt (selected) – The item will appear in the list when new, and will be ticked.
  • Compulsory (no prompt) – The Autopull will be inserted and cannot be removed or edited.
  • Conditional prompt – The item will be inserted when a new item is added, however it can be subsequently edited, it is like an editable Compulsory.
  • Detached reminder – This is NOT a linked Autopull, adding this item will append it to your list after the main item.

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