At HireHop, we have just released another new feature in our cloud software for hire companies, multi level Autopulls, as well as detached Autopulls. We have also extended the Autopull feature to add greater functionality, making it easier to use for your staff.
Autopull minimal view

As you can see above, the Yamaha QL5 mixer has an Autopull of of a Digital Stage box and headphones (the stage box Autpulls can also be inserted, including the compulsory locking power cable). These two items are the most common and most of the time, all the user needs to see, however there are more items available for the Autopull as is evident by the «Click to show extended view…«. By clicking this, other items that are not commonly edited will display as below:

Extended Autopull view

Visible now are Autopulls that have been set to be «Extended view only», many in this example are compulsory, however there is a WiFi router that can now be removed from your items list.

We have extended the Autopull prompts to:-

  • Prompt (unselected) – The item will appear in the list when new, but not be automatically ticked.
  • Prompt (selected) – The item will appear in the list when new, and will be ticked.
  • Compulsory (no prompt) – The Autopull will be inserted and cannot be removed or edited.
  • Conditional prompt – The item will be inserted when a new item is added, however it can be subsequently edited, it is like an editable Compulsory.
  • Detached reminder – This is NOT a linked Autopull, adding this item will append it to your list after, in the above case, after the Yamaha QL5 mixing desk.

When editing the Autopull, you can also set if it is only visible in the Extended View, thus reducing screen clutter and uncommon options for your staff.  When adding a new item, if there are no Prompts or Detached reminders, the Autopull dialog will not appear, however editing the item or its Autopulls, the Autopulls will always appear regardless.

HireHop also gives you the ability to add virtual items as Autopulls.