POS for rentalsIt’s good to have software for your rental business that is really powerful and packed full of features, however some users, like those working at the front desk, need a simple and easy interface to process rentals and sales.

HireHop Equipment Rental Software have now released a cash register / POS interface that works on any computer, iPad or even phone.  Designed to be used by a touch device and feel like a modern cash register, this feature allows quick and easy processing of rentals and sales.


HireHop is the most powerful rental software in the world, with a plethora of features, but not all of your users need to use these features, and only require a quick and simple to user interface, something the temporary staff can operate without the need for training.

Included free within HireHop is a screen that you can use on any touch device that looks, feels and operates like a modern touch screen cash register or ePOS.  For instance, you can have one on the rental counter to process walk-in customers who want to rent stuff, or maybe just want to buy parts or other sales stock.

For instance, you might have a tool rental shop or a bike rental shop, and don’t need all the features offered in HireHop jobs.  The ePOS allows you to quickly process the orders, take payments and issue contracts, all via a simple to use touch screen interface.

The complete version of HireHop is still accessible on these devices, and every rental or sales job created on it is still accessible via the standard interface and visa-versa.  Using the ePOS cash register screen, you can still issue invoices, take payments, print contracts, check equipment in and out, etc.

HireHop strives to bring your rental company more and more unique features, enabling you to streamline and speed up your admin and workflow, thus saving your business time and money.

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